Fraud Alert/Notification

If you receive SMS/Whatsapp messages from any personal mobile numbers that request you to do any of the following:

1. Submit your KYC documents & pay upfront Processing fees for loan approval

2. Offer discounts on loan repayment by asking repayments through some link or personal UPI ID

How can Fraud take place?

The objective of such fraudsters/scammers is to slowly take you into confidence and get you to compromise your personal data as well as to take unauthorised payment from you by disguising us company employees. Once the data is compromised OR once payment is made to them, these fraudsters/scammers will immediately disappear and will not respond back to you.

How to Protect yourself?

1. Always remember that we will never send you SMS / Whatsapp message using a personal mobile number

2. We never ask our customers to pay upfront processing fee for loan approval, since processing fees is always debited from your loan amount at the time of disbursement

3. We never ask our customers to apply for loan outside the Kissht App, since all loan applications all allowed from the Kissht App only, and not over Whatsapp/Email/Website link.

4. We never ask our customers to transfer payment online using UPI/NEFT/IMPS to a personal bank account

5. We always ask customers to repay their loans using our Kissht Mobile App and never force them to pay using an external payment link. Hence, use your common sense and always apply for loan or repay loan using the Kissht Mobile App only.

6. When in doubt, just call/email to our Customer Service team to enquire about the personal mobile number SMS/Whatsapp message that you received. Also share a screenshot of the message as it will help us to investigate the same.

7. Don't get misled by fake customer care numbers/email id’s shown by fraudsters on 3rd Party Websites or Social Media pages. Ensure that you always procure customer care details and branch information from our official website or using the Kissht App.

8. Kissht officials or representatives will NEVER ask you for your personal information i.e. your card details, passwords, PIN, CVV, OTP etc. DO NOT share these details with anyone over Phone Call, SMS, Whatsapp or Email.

9. Do not reply to suspicious loan offers, repayment/settlement offers, unless you seek clarification from our customer service and you are absolutely convinced that it is in your best interest.