About Us

Kissht is one of its kind digitally-enabled platform operated by ONEMi Technology Solutions Private Limited with a vision to provide speedy and hassle-free credit financing to its customers across India.

ONEMi Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in the year 2015, intending to open up new vistas in consumer credit financing for online as well as offline purchases using the latest technology as an aid. Our constant efforts to financially empower our customers led us to be present across various segments of business like Online Purchase Loan, Personal Loan, and our newest offering – “Revolving Line of Credit.”

Onemi Technologies(Kissht) is engaged in the business of merchant acquisition / tie-ups, development of credit gateway technology, assessing the credit worthiness of the customer using its proprietary software and algorithm and credit marketplace platform for provisioning of instant consumer loans through our financing partners whereas the entire credit assessment, KYC processing, credit approval, financing of consumer loans for purchase of goods and services from online as well as offline channels and the collection of EMI’s from the customers of Onemi Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is taken care by Si Creva Capital Services Pvt. Ltd and its other financing partners.

Kissht offers a hassle-free experience of online as well as offline shopping on merchant stores by providing quick and Easy EMI at Point of Sale. Now get set to enjoy a simple, stress-free and smart online as well as offline shopping experience with Kissht (ONEMi).

"Si Creva" being a registered Non- Banking Financial Company (NBFC) with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and wholly owned subsidiary of Onemi is, inter-alia, engaged in the business of financing consumer loans for purchase of goods and services from various channels such as online, offline and mobile as well as direct personal loans to consumers and more particularly to the customers of Onemi when required.