Instant, Affordable & hassle-free EMI

Get pre-approved Kissht EMI card in 30 seconds and shop at your favourite merchant anytime anywhere

From smartphones to smart TV’s, furniture to modular kitchens, you can now buy everything on EMIs. That too, in an instant. No credit card required !


How do I use my Kissht EMI card credit limit?

  • Shop from our 50+ online partners including Flipkart & Amazon
  • Buy from 3000+ offline stores near you
  • Special offers to finance your dream bike, car, holidays and many more
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What is my eligibility criteria?

  • Your monthly income should be more than Rs.12,000
  • AADHAAR card, PAN card and a Post Dated Cheque is all that is needed
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How do I make repayments?

  • EMIs are debited every month automatically from your bank account
  • Ensure Timely repayments to avoid unnecessary hassles
  • Ensure your account has sufficient balance to avoid unnecessary hassles.
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How it works

Why choose Us?


  • Provide your personal & Income detail
  • Upload basic doc
  • Kissht EMI Card Activated
Why choose Us?

Choose Kissht at Checkout

  • While shopping at Merchant partner portal select Kissht at checkout page
  • Download Kissht App to shop directly from online merchant.
Why choose Us?


  • Make your down-payment & loan will be approved
  • Post loan approval, Merchant ships product

Download the Kissht App

Download Kissht App and buy now & pay later from our 50+ online merchant partners and 3000+ offline stores

With Kissht App, you can do online shopping on EMI without credit card, upload your documents, check your available credit limit, view upcoming EMIs, bills, make early repayments and much more

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Estimate your KISSHT EMI card limit in 10 seconds CALCULATE MY ESTIMATE

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