Frequently Ask Questions


  • Selfie
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card (Address Proof)

To complete Digital KYC, only Aadhar & PAN is required.

Income Proof is not required for all customers. Only for some high value loans, depending on customer’s credit profile, he/she may be asked to submit Income Proof by linking his bank account so that the bank statement can be fetched & verified online.

No, we do not require any security or guarantor for approving your loan. Once we verify your basic information & complete your digital KYC, your loan will be approved by the system, based on profile eligibility.

Unfortunately, we need to validate your PAN Card number to process the application further. You are required to hold a valid PAN card number in order to complete our loan application process.

No worries.To process digital KYC, typically, providing only the PAN (Permanent Account Number) may be sufficient.

Unfortunately, we need to validate your Aadhar Card number to process the application further. You are required to hold a valid Aadhar card number in order to complete our loan application process through E-KYC.


No worries, to process digital KYC using Digilocker, typically, providing only the Aadhar Card Number and possessing the Aadhar link mobile number may be sufficient.

No need to worry if you get such a message. This means that you already have a profile created with us in the past and have used your Aadhar/Pan number in that profile. We request you kindly to get in touch with our customer service desk so that we can update your current contact to let you use your original account instead of creating duplicate accounts as we reject loan application on basis of duplicate accounts as well.

No, you do need to submit any documents again while re-applying for every new loan. Being said that, as per applicable laws, we will periodically conduct re-KYC for your account and you will be intimated about the same in advance.

For higher loan amounts, online income verification may be required. You can submit bank statement of any of your active bank account that has highest balance & maximum transactions.

We do not require you to submit Bank Statement in PDF copy or Hard Copies. We enable secure linking of your bank account for instant access to the last 6 months’ bank statements. This is a One-time access with no disclosure of other banking data and is secured by authorized Bank Account Aggregator, that is recognized by many banks in India.

– Only Aadhaar card for address proof is mandate, which will be Verified through DigiLocker for completing your Digital KYC.


Loan Application Status

The status of your Loan Application is displayed to you on the digital lending platform from where you had applied for the loan (Kissht App).

Download and log in to our digital lending platform (Kissht App).

Fill in basic information.

Complete Digital KYC.

Based on eligibility, you will be able to view eligible loan offers with details and pricing.

Add your bank details for disbursement.

Register for E-NACH (required only for higher loan amounts).

Complete income verification (required only for higher loan amounts).

Based on eligibility, once your loan is approved online, you will be able to get disbursal of the loan into your bank account.

No, there are no unpleasant surprises in the form of hidden charges. Our pricing is absolutely transparent.

We have multiple Financing Partners and we do our best to ensure that you get a loan approved from one of our Financing Partners. The loan approval/rejection is solely at the discretion of our Financing Partners. Thus, if your profile doesn’t meet the credit eligibility criteria set by our Financing Partners, then your application may get rejected.

Kindly re-apply after 3 months to see if you have become eligible, as our system keeps updating your eligibility status every 3 months.


You can login to our digital lending platform from where you had applied for the loan (Kissht App) and check your existing loan details under “My Loans” section in the Main menu. It will enable you to check all loan related details like EMI amount, EMI date, total outstanding amount, link for online payment and much more.

For any changes in contact information or personal details, feel free to get in touch with our customer service desk.Pre-Payment / Foreclosure

Yes, you can pre-pay all your monthly instalments/EMI online

Yes, you can foreclose your loan anytime during the tenure of the loan.

If the loan is closed within cooling off period, then no foreclosure charges will be levied. If the loan is closed after cooling off period, then the borrower shall be levied foreclosure charges as per the foreclosure charges levied by the loan financier. If your loan is financed by our NBFC “SiCreva Capital Services Private Limited.” then foreclosure charges are upto 2% + GST on the amount foreclosed will be levied.


Cancellation & Refund Policy

While we are always eager to serve our customers, if at all should you ever feel the need to cancel your loan application which is in process with us, you can reach to our customer service desk.


“Cooling off period” means a period of time from the date of disbursement of loan/credit, within which the borrower can choose to close the loan by returning the disbursement amount along with the applicable Annual Percentage rate (APR) for the number of days taken to repay. The cooling-off window is determined to be within 3 days from the date of disbursement. Cooling Off period is made available for customers who take disbursement of loan and immediately choose to return the loan due to non-suitability of loan amount, tenure, interest applicable or similar reasons.


Generic Queries

We charge processing fee of up to 6% of the loan amount depending upon the tenure of the loan. We do not charge any other fees/charges on processing of the loan. All fees and charges recovered are expressly stated in the loan documents.

We give loans to our customers through a fixed rate loan. The products offered by us and the interest rate charged on different products are as follows:

  • Loans with tenure of 6 months and higher – Up to 36%
  • Loans with tenure of less than 6 months – Up to 45%

No charges are levied as EMI Auto-Debit Bounce.

The late payment charges are as follows:

  • Bounce Charges (One-time fee) of upto Rs. 500 + applicable taxes per EMI per instance of default and the same is payable apart from payment of applicable Daily Penal charges
  • Daily Penal Charges for continuing default in repayment of EMI are upto 0.2% + GST of the overdue principal amount

Important Note:

Bounce Charges & Daily Penal Charges will be applied if the EMI repayment is done after the scheduled due date or if otherwise applicable as per the terms of the Financing Document (collectively referred to as “Overdue Penalty Charges”).


Yes. To obtain a copy of Fair Practices Code, Loan Agreement, Sanction Letter and other loan-related documents in vernacular language, you can place a request for same with our customer services team at

For any changes in ECS Mandate, feel free to get in touch with our customer service desk.

Though we doubt that your queries wouldn’t be resolved by our dedicated customer service desk, you could always ask for a call back from the Customer Service Manager and within 1 hour to a maximum of 48 hours, our Customer Service Manager shall personally call you back with a final resolution on your query/problem. Kindly refer to our ‘Customer Grievance Redressal Mechanism’ to know more. Click here

We have partnered with multiple regulated entities like NBFC’s and Banks to provide lending services to our customers. The list of our lending partners can be viewed here Click here


Credit Score

Yes, our Financing Partners are registered NBFC’s and Banks and they access your Credit Score as part of the credit profile verification and underwriting process. Your credit score determines your eligibility for loan and also it determines the loan amount, interest rate and loan tenure that will be available for you.

In India, there are 4 well known Credit Information Companies that track the Credit Score of an individual. These are CIBIL, Experian, Equifax and CRIF Highmark. These are entities regulated by law and have all the loan and repayment information of an individual, be it a credit card use, a bank loan, or a telecom postpaid connection. We submit your loan related update to all of these 4 credit bureaus as part of our standard operating procedure.

To begin with, every customer has a set maximum loan/credit amount up to which he/she can avail loans from us. There is a good chance of this amount increasing, when you availing more loans and make timely repayments. However, this also depends on other factors like your monthly salary, credit score, repayment history with other lenders and a host of other information that we get from you when you create your profile. While making timely repayments increases the probability of enhancing your loan/credit limit, it does not guarantee the same.


Once you take a Loan and repay it back on time, your credit report reflects the same. This helps you avail a bigger loan at a later stage from us (subject to eligibility) or from other banks or other financial institutions and also you may also get it at a lower interest rate. However, if you don’t repay the loan on time or default on the same, then your credit score may get negatively impacted. And, it becomes nearly impossible to avail a loan from any other bank due to your poor repayment history. Even if a loan is approved, the interest rate that will be charged will be considerably higher.

We submit data to all credit bureaus once every month and the Credit bureaus take around 45-60 days to update the same in your credit report. Please download your latest credit report from the official websites of the Credit Bureaus. Free credit reports available on 3rd party websites usually reflect old data and they may take around 2-3 months to reflect latest changes.


Privacy & Security

We value the privacy and security of your financial transactions. As a result, account related information is only provided to the customer and not to any family member, friends or 3rd party.


As part of basic documentation for loan approval, some customers who apply for higher loan amounts are required to provide bank statement as income proof. Being said that, we do not require you to submit Bank Statement in PDF copy or Hard Copies for Income Verification. We enable secure linking of your bank account for instant access to the last 6 months’ bank statements. This is a One-time access with no disclosure of other banking data and is secured by authorized Bank Account Aggregator, that is recognized by many banks in India.

For the convenience of our beloved customers, we provide the facility to instantly link your bank account to your loan application so that you need not upload any bank statements separately. Just by linking your bank account, we will be able to fetch your bank statement for last 6 months instantly. Kindly note that we only get one-time access to your latest bank statement and no other banking data is revealed to us. The access is logged out immediately after the linking of statement is completed. This service is completely secured by authorized Bank Account Aggregator, which is recognized & authorized by many banks in India to provide this service.